Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Patch is Back!

So I started the new radiation plan and have completed four treatments. I  have 16 more to go. It is a little scary with them getting me into the right position and knowing they are blasting my entire nervous system with no filters. At least I haven't gotten any nausea yet, which the doctor expected would happen this week.

The double vision is back though and I even had to get out my eye patch for when my eyes get tired. The doctors upped my steroid dose, which has helped. (That means the appetite is back too!) The double vision is getting to be okay during the day, but gets worse when I go to bed and wake up. And its summer, so the patch doesn't really work for me seasonally like it did around Halloween! :)

The hardest thing about all of this right now is the fatigue and keeping a positive outlook down in the cancer center. It is located in the basement of the hospital with no windows. Thankfully everyone who works there is super friendly and that makes the experience better.


  1. Continuing to pray for you Tif!

  2. And Pirates are hip year round, so flaunt that patch, beautiful girl! Come to think of it, can you get one covered in your favorite color? In the meantime, I am pulling for you, Tiffany.