Thursday, September 22, 2011

MRI Results

I had my MRI yesterday and the results were pretty good! The scan showed that some of the spots were actually gone! I don't have any more side effects, so I got the okay to go on my family trip to Disneyland! I am so excited for that!

Since I did so well with the radiation, the doctors want to take advantage of that and try another type of chemo when I get back from CA. I'll have another MRI and then get started on that. At least I get another month off!

Monday, September 19, 2011

MRI is coming!

My MRI is scheduled for this Wednesday, so I just have to get through two more nights and then we'll know how my brain is doing. This is the first scan since I finished radiation, so I'm a little nervous about how things will look. I did get a new pair of shoes and a new hat, so that should help!

I just ask for prayers for Wednesday. It'll be a long day since the MRI starts at 11am and I don't see the first  doctor until 2pm.

I don't really have any funny stories to share right now. I saw my grandma today and she knew who I was and asked where my sister was. This is huge since she normally thinks I am my 6'2" 49-year-old male cousin!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Waiting Game

So I finished radiation last week and now the waiting game begins! I just found out my MRI is scheduled for September 21st and then we'll find out how my brain did with the radiation. It's always nerve-wracking waiting for the results.

To keep myself from going crazy while waiting, I've decided to go back to school and attend Calvary Chapel on-line Bible College. I signed up for one class to start. I can set my own pace and have four months to complete it. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I love being a student! I was so excited when my text books came in the mail and I might have ordered a new cute bag to carry them up and down the stairs! I am a sucker for school supplies too, so I made a run to Target yesterday for a new notebook, pens, and highlighters. It's a little sick, I know, but I can't help myself! :)

I actually feel really good. I just get tired easily and have had to change my schedule so I only do one outing a day. This keeps me from getting exhausted. I had a few big outings this past week. One was when my mom and I were leaving the grocery store and a woman pushing her cart started walking with us randomly. She asked me out of the blue if I want curly hair. What? She started talking about if I'd prefer curly or straight hair (which I said curly), how her mom had cancer and died, and then how she trains dogs for people going through treatment. She ended with saying how her best friend had a brain tumor and she let her Bernese mountain dog sleep on her friend's bed. By the end, we were so confused about what was happening that we couldn't find our car. She was a sweet woman, but really? And now I want a dog! :)

The other outing that was hilarious was when my cousin and I drove through Dairy Queen for a blizzard after our healthy lunch. When we got to the window, the cashier enthusiastically asked us if we were ready for an adventure today. Immediately we both thought that we had won a sweepstakes and were headed for Hawaii or somewhere else tropical. It turns out our "adventure" was the guy who was making our blizzards has won the state Blizzard championship three years in a row and won $5000.  Apparently he is the fastest Blizzard maker around! I don't understand why all of these funny things keep happening to us!