Monday, May 23, 2011

My Grandpa

I've taken a little break from my blogging since my family has had a lot to deal with lately. My treatments are still going along. At least now I know that they are working, so it makes it a little easier to go through.

My grandpa just recently passed away. He was 91-years-old and died with his "boot straps on". He was able to live independently until the end. I will always remember him as being kind and a believer in doing what's right and fair. He was also a bit of a ladies man. According to the women in his apartment complex, he was a "true gentleman".  One of the ladies sent him a card at the hospital with a stamped self-addressed envelope inside, so he would be sure to write back. He would have loved that!

Now I just picture him dancing in heaven with my grandma. He doesn't need hearing aids or a walker anymore. I will really miss him!