Friday, February 24, 2012

Well, crap!

I had another MRI yesterday and apparently I have two lesions that they have been watching that are "glowing" more on the MRI scan. Apparently, that means those lesions are changing, which we're not sure what that means. And there are still atypical cells in my spinal cord fluid, so I have to get more lumbar punctures to monitor that.

My chemo has been changed again. I'm stopping the one I've done for three cycles and starting a new one, which is an infusion at the hospital.  I'm still digesting all of this and hopefully this post makes sense. At least the new chemo doesn't have food restrictions!

I feel a little bottomed out right now. I had really been hoping for a little "time out" from treatment. Please pray for wisdom in the doctor's decision and that these lesions would go away!! I even told the doctor that I gave up chemo for Lent, but he didn't buy it!