Friday, June 8, 2012's on!

Well, the electrode thing for my head is on! I got my head shaved on Wednesday first by the hair lady and then yesterday by the doctor to be extra smooth. It was a little more than I was expecting. We entered the doctor's room and there were things everywhere that we had to be learn how to use and when to use it. We (well, technically it was my dad, but still!) had to literally move a giant black luggage piece, a bag full of wires, shaver etc, and back-up supplies of extra batteries and devices. My mind is kinda reeling from that even today!

My doctor put on the first four batches of these electrode things. We have to change them every 4-7 days. They gave me four battery packs and a unit that plugs into the wall, so I can plug-in 18 hours a day. I wish my camera was working right now, so I could give you all a better description!

The funny thing is that there was a little misunderstanding with the manufacturer and insurance company. Apparently, I was supposed to hear from this guy from their company last week before this whole treatment starts. So this morning I heard that the insurance company is still in process approving me for this machine! The guy somehow misunderstood or the misunderstanding was with the doctors involved, but anyways, the company that makes it will take care of the balance if there is one and insurance doesn't approve me.

My dad calls me "Magneto" from X-Men and my sister calls me the evil queen from Captain E.O. And my mom just calls me "special" since I am one of two people using this thing in the Northwest.


Saturday, June 2, 2012

You're never going to believe this!

So, I was so excited yesterday because I finally got a haircut with color. My hair looks so cute right now! That is until next Thursday, when I have to shave my head! My insurance went through for the electronic  head cap. I'm so excited, true - its experimental, but at least it gives me more hope.