Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blue Angels & Vampire Teeth

I have 7 treatments down and 13 more to go! This has been an interesting week for me. It is SeaFair weekend in Seattle, which means that there are hydroplane boat races on Lake Washington and the Blue Angels perform demonstrations. I forgot that they closed one of the floating bridges last Thursday and Friday for Blue Angel practice. Let's just say it took us over two hours to get to the hospital and I was over an hour late for my treatment. Watching the Blue Angels fly over the freeway was cool for the first few times, but when everybody is so distracted and no one is moving, the road rage starts! By the time we arrived, my sister and I were so irritated that we were thinking of just staying in a hotel by the hospital to avoid further traffic. Thankfully, the traffic home wasn't bad and we were able to leave early enough the next day for lunch and a little shopping before radiation. 

One interesting thing about going to the hospital so often is watching all of the people. I had to do a double take the other day when I spotted a patient with vampire fangs. Not sure what was going on there, but I avoided making eye contact since he didn't look like Edward Cullen!

On Friday afternoon, I had to report a little side effect, which the doctors didn't think was that big of a deal and probably just a result of treatment. However, just to be careful, I had to go back on Saturday afternoon for a full spine MRI, which takes over an hour. Spending six days a week at the hospital is not my idea of a good time! I'll find out the results tomorrow.

Good news! My vision has consistently been back to normal for the past few days. No more patch for now! Thanks again for all of your prayers and support. It is very encouraging and helps me get through each day.

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  1. So glad to hear your vision is back to normal!
    Continuing to pray for you!
    Maybe you should get some vampire teeth for treatment days! :)

    Love you Tif!!!