Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I am finished with radiation! I am so excited to be done. I might be tired and bald, but I made it! I get a month off and then I'll go back for a follow-up MRI. I really appreciate all of your support and prayers!

I attached a picture of my wig. I think it might be a little Bieber fever-ish! I'm not quite sure about it yet. I'm going to take it to my hair stylist, so he can help me with it. I also attached a picture of the cupcakes I bought for the cancer center workers. I didn't know that there were "hot fudge sundae" cupcakes! Everyone seemed to like them.


  1. Those cupcakes look awesome! And I need to see a photo of you with the wig to see if it is too beiberish. :)
    So excited you are done.

  2. With your new mop on top and your sparkly pink Tom's on you toes! You will be stylin'! Happy for you , Tiff.