Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chemo Shoes

So I don't want to sound materialistic, but I have found over my past few years on chemo that all of these medications can wreck havoc on your body. You can't depend on your weight to stay stable, especially when taking steroids that make your face puffy and you crave everything in sight. I should know...I normally can't stand breakfast food, but was just eating bacon, sausage, and eggs this past week. You can't rely on your hair either because that could fall out. It's a very frustrating process!

I discovered the power of a sassy shoe! Your feet don't really change during chemo. So when I first started chemo a couple years back, I thought a pair of red shoes would help make me feel better. This developed into a tradition, so for each round of chemo, I would try to find a pair of cute shoes to wear while taking it. I have to say that having new, sassy shoes helped to make me feel a little more normal. So when I started learning about friends starting cancer treatment, I would go pick out a pair for them and decorate the box with a superhero logo of "Cancer Fighting Shoes".  I love sharing a little piece of sassy with others going through such a difficult time.

I'm starting a new chemo within the next week, so today I picked out my new pair of chemo shoes-pink glitters from Toms. I attached a photo of those and some of my other chemo shoes. Its true that I may appear that I have gotten a little out of control, but I do wear them more than once! And if anyone needs some special chemo shoes, please let me know!


  1. The pink glittters are a perfect choice! When I get a paycheck next month I am planning on buying myself a pair of TOMS. Not sure which ones though.
    Praying for this next treatment and for you. Tiff- you are the strongest person I know, you are amazing!

  2. Love the shoes, beautiful girl. I look forward to the day I get to meet you, and we can share our obvious love of shoes!