Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Finally out of the Hospital... Just took 5 days!

Well, this round of chemo has taken so much longer than usual! I have been really sick the whole time, but at least I busted out today and am now home!

Like normal, I was supposed to be admitted Friday at 11am. Thankfully, I called to confirm my check-in time and my room wasn't ready until 6pm that night. While being admitted that night, the nurse was reading answers I had given in the past to be sure everything was correct. On the Drug & Alcohol page, I apparently said that "I wish I could drink more, but the drugs prevent that". I didn't realize that they are so literal! I understand the subjective part of a medical note, but really? And that has been in my chart for months now. I don't think she understood my sense of humor!

Having the TV on all night made me notice some exciting new products for the "As Seen on TV" store. There is now a waterproof bib that is made just for adults. So if you every spill your coffee or juice (or Diet Coke), on your way to school or work, it won't stain your clothes! And I think you can buy 2 for $19.95. Great deal! And the colors were decent...bright red and bright blue.

Also there were these twin animal toys being sold together and the best part is that they unfold into slippers! In both child and adult sizes! And again for only $19.95 for two. At least I've learned a lot during this stay and have started my Christmas shopping list!

Good news though! I had an MRI and my scans were great! Both my brain and spinal cord look stable.  My doctor seemed really excited! I'll have another lumbar puncture next week to see how the spinal fluid is doing and then I'll have treatment only twice a month!! Thanks again for all of your prayers and thoughts. Much appreciated! God Bless!

P.S. Oh, to top everything off, when I arrived home, my Beta fish died. I think I forgot to ask someone to feed him, whoops! So he had a proper toilet funeral and is now in the big tank in the sky. I had grown a little attached to Starshine the Third!

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  1. I can picture you saying you wish you could drink more, etc. It makes me laugh. Guess the nurse who wrote it down was a very serious person.
    Love you Tif. Glad to hear everything is stable. Praying!!!