Friday, March 11, 2011

A Day in the Life

Have you ever felt like your life was out of control? Welcome to the life of a cancer patient! So today I drove myself to McDonald's for my vice, a large diet Coke, which I have tried to quit numerous times and can't quite do it! I'll be a founding member of Diet Coke Anonymous. When I arrived home, I realized that my driver's license expired in December. Since it expired on my birthday, its too late to renew online and now I have to go to the DMV. I had no idea! And I really don't want my short hair on my license picture!

Then since the chemo I got last weekend is so toxic, every article of clothing I wore at the hospital has to be washed by itself, followed by an empty load in between. It is taking forever to get through this! And now that Britney Spears' song "Toxic" is stuck in my head!

Next week, I have a lumbar puncture on Monday. If there are no more cancer cells in my spinal fluid, I'll have another two weekends of chemo at the hospital after that. Good times!!


  1. The big mac is the one that gets me. I am a real sucker for punishment.

    Esmerelda and I will pray for you on Monday.


  2. Love you Tif! You are my hero!
    And well I am right there with you with the giant McD's soda, only I go for the full stregth regular Coke. Oh goodtimes going on Coke Cola runs in SD. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Tif! It pains my heart knowing the nightmare you and your family are living with - our prayers are always with you! Thanks for putting my grumbling about washing just another load of laundry in perspective. And now "Toxic" is stuck in my head as well...thanks! :P God is certainly working within you and through you. You are an amazing woman!